`Why restore an old ship? You have to see the ship to know the answer to that question, walking the decks as others walked them in another time.”

Alma Doepel is one of Australia’s oldest surviving tall ships, and the very last of her kind. Built in NSW in 1903 she has an amazing history spanning 110+ years. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s Alma Doepel conducted Sail Training on Port Phillip Bay for Victoria’s youth from many different and diverse backgrounds, including youth-at-risk.

Then followed a hiatus due to poor management during which the ship languished. In 2008 a new board of directors took control, developed a new business plan and resolved to return the ship to her successful youth development role. Secure in the knowledge that the business plan is viable, the board of Sail & Adventure embarked on an ambitious project to completely restore the ship to give her once again years of active life.

The restoration project is currently underway in Docklands in Melbourne. In 2013, the hull of the ship was floated onto a purpose-built submersible barge and shipwrights and volunteers began painstakingly working to restore her to her former glory. Once completed, Alma Doepel will once again work with the youth of Victoria developing their understanding of themselves and others through sail training.




The hard work in securing a restoration site, building the barge, loading the ship on the barge, and building a restoration team with dedicated group of volunteers has been achieved.  The process of re-building the 110-year+ old hull is now nearing completion with the caulking being fitted between the hull planks.

The process of restoration has been methodical and will rebuild the ship to the stringent modern standards of a commercial vessel.  The work is expensive and time-consuming and because the work is in the hands of skilled and experienced professional shipwrights.


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